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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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things aren't being responded to quickly, fast enough, making it sleeker, faster, better. ultimately our service is more important to the category of making it better and more friendly and receptive to the users. president murphy: thank you for your comments. i don't want to sit here and air out dirty laundry or any of that. i want to make a couple of comments. the private sector where i come from i would certainly welcome comments from people, hear what i need to hear rather than hear what i want to hear. and if people are telling me and bringing me ideas and i constantly am too quick to say no, they are going to stop
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bringing the ideas to me. sometimes it is black and white, and from running a business or department or whatever you are running, there is a whole lot of gray in between. i think that you have done a very good job, director. but i would love to see a little more openness as far as this committee is concerned and follow the suggestions of the commissioners. any further comments? seeing none, next item. >> number eight discussion and possible action regarding draft policies concerning d.b.i.'s notification and addressing of properties.
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>> commissioners, you have before you a draft number one. what i have taken is the original administrative bulletin which is a.b. 035 and tried to update it with current policies and procedures. we already have some comments from the city attorney that need to be incorporated into the document. so there will be a draft number two. you have before you the e-mail from the attorney to myself on that. for the public, there are three typos in there. due to the fact that some of these -- that they are at is an old fashioned term copied from years from 1909 so we will revise that to there on. there from should be together instead of separated and i did have a typo on begin. i had an eight in there and i
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will correct those. under renumbering, which the second paragraph, the city attorney suggests to add the sentence that failure to do so, this is -- the whole paragraph reads if a property is tenant occupied the property owner must also submit documentation acceptable to the building official that all tenants have been notified of the proposed street number change request. then the city attorney is asked to add failure to do so shall result in revocation or denial of any such request for renumbering. president murphy: is there a time limit on the notification? 30 days? 60 days? >> no. in other words, before the change request can be submitted to the department, that letter of notification has to be attached with the submittal document before the change, the request for change will even be considered. in other words, the property
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owner will have to notify the tenants i would like to khaeuch your address from apartment 123 to apartment abc, and they have to notify the tenants. and we are going to have a form that the tenants would be able to sign saying they have been notified. president murphy: so the burden of responsibility is on the landlord or property owner to notify the tenant? >> yes. president murphy: ok. >> we won't accept the application for the request for the change unless that documentation is submitted with the request. president murphy: ok. any comments? commissioner walker: i want to thank the director for putting this in writing and khaeufrg our situation. -- clarifying our situation. i think all of us have responded and heard members of the public who are at the effect of these changes without knowing about it until it is too late and that
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creates a lot of problems for our process. i appreciate this notice and process being delineated. i think it will go a long way toward resolving some of -- we heard from jose morales who has experienced too late a number change in his apartment and i think this is a really good resolution. i want to thank you for that very much. and the department. president murphy: further comments? public comments? mr. morales.
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>> do you want the overhead? president murphy: it looks like we have quite a few speakers so i will be real rigid on the lee-minulee tka- lee--- three-minute rul--- thre- three-minute rule.--- three-minute rule. -- three-minute rule.-- three-minute rule. three-minute rule. three-minute rule. >> good morning, commissioners. i'm jose morales. first i would like to request that three minutes would be enough for me, but if i could request three minutes later on i
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will be very happy. but if i use six minutes now it is also ok? but since i was the one that initiated this discussion, as the main presenter i would like -- president murphy: i would like to say before you go any further you have three minutes. there will be no further three minutes granted. >> thank you. thank you for that. for this to be applied it requires withdrawal of all the units from the building. in this case, the owners did not withdraw number 572-a. and when they realized that
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there was a mistake, instead of rectifying it, they substituted that number for that illegal number, 574, which was obtained for the brand-new unit to be constructed on the third floor. and they did this to surprise the authorities in the city. the process of the eviction, when it was taken, was done and became number and -- null and
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void. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlord null and void. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlord null and void. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlonull and void. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlo null and voi. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlo null and voi. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlord null and v. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlonull and void. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlord null and v. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlo null and voi. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlord null and v. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlo null and voi. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlo null and voi. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlo null and voi. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlordnull and vo. for that reason i'm appealing because the landlord committed fraud with a purpose of evicting me from my home of 43 years. also, i ask you to please correct the number from 574, which is still in the building, and that should be corrected according to ab 035 which is one of our codes. what could be more simple than using that code to do justice? because that number was not supposed to be there because that was not a real number.
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it is an insult, it's not right. so, this was the first permit. and i have all the documents in the computer in the d.b.i. building. and before i lose this great opportunity, this is a simple case where i get to show you in a minute where i obtained this. [bell] >> may i have one minute? president murphy: next speaker, please. >> i would like to limit my comments to two minutes and give him one of mine. >> thank you. president murphy: counsel, can we do that?
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no, we cannot do that. three minutes per speaker. next speaker, please. >> any way the number 574. >> i will start the time. >> thank you. jose, stay here if i need you. i work with the community living campaign. i want to thank you for addressing this issue commissioners and director day. i think it is important the way you clarify the language in the administrative code here. i think it is good it includes clarification about notification and steps up that process. it is also important you are now giving notice to the residents because they are partners in this when you change the address because they have to change their checks, mailing address, all their legal documents. they also can be your partner in terms of enforcement. i want to make two comments. one has to do with the grief and
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aggravation jose suffered. we would hope something for the fewer comes out of -- future comes out of this. there is one more thing to clarify. in his situation you had a permit request for new construction, you had a permit request to change the address. they came in together. at some point the permit for the construction died. it was not approved. it went away. you have the other permit. the question is, you know, that is what created the confusion. it is not clear what that number relates to, if it came in with the construction. somehow when you clarify this, if the issue is a permit coming in with construction and there is not a certificate of completion on the construction, that number really shouldn't go into effect or there needs to be some way to clarify. even your documents have different addresses for this location now. the point is to make it clear for everybody, property owner and public. if you could make that change.
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the last thing really is we hope this gets put into practice. it still doesn't address what happened going back in jose's case. he asked for a hearing and had not received one or formal notification about why he was not given a hearing. if any questions for jose or i, i have a minute left. or jose, anything you would like me to say on your behalf? >> [inaudible] i was supposed to have these penalties. why can't that be complied with? why?
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it was the law. >> do you have any questions or comments for us or actually i would be interested in hearing if you see a way to add the clarification about when it is tied to a permit. thank you. president murphy: next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish] >> in the case of jose morales,
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the control of the number and legalization of the control of the numbers are in effect -- in effect, they should be a specification to the permit. in this case there was new construction that was canceled.
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in this case, because the new construction wasn't followed through the entire permit should have been canceled, should have been expired. the renumbering should not have happened. it wasn't justified and the owners ended up using the renumbering as a justification for arguing for an eviction. and there was a mistake made. it requires all the units be
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taken off the market. 574 never existed. it never came to fruition. because there wasn't any new construction. and that is what is being asked, that the number goes back to what it was before so that jose morales can go back to his house. thank you for listening. president murphy: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> good morning. luka brian. coalition for responsible growth. i would like to make sure everybody understands that i have no comment on what happened here with the speakers in the previous matter. it is my point that i would like to share that a colleague of mine's recent experience with an address change. it had to go all the way up to your level, director, to be taken care of. and it sounds like there may be justification for that in the current climate with what is going on maybe related to what happened with mr. morales and the fact that you tried to clear up legal issues with it and make sure that you abide by the state l law, which by the way, here and
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in the previous agenda item we would all support you in having to abide by state law. nobody would advocate that you would circumvent that. what i would say is that as you are analyzing your situation and checking that you are abiding by state law, that you also with the same attention to detail and enthusiasm approach the matter with let's make sure that this is also practical. so we can abide by state law but make sure we don't kill everything because we are so busy abiding by state law that nothing gets done. and i know you understand that point and sometimes it is no harm to reiterate and hear some things again and be reminded of them. and you are in the process of fixing this. i would submit a suggestion that when it is resolved that in the 99% of the cases where there
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isn't anything going on that is going to lead to something like what mr. morales went through, i personally have been involved in address changes to existing structures as well as involved in the addressing of new constructi construction, and it was always quite a straightforward process and sounds like it has been discovered that it was not being done according to state law. so we respect that. but afterwards, when it is, i hope it is still a relatively straightforward process, because at the end of the day the vast majority of cases involving address changes are aboveboard and not for ulterior motives and we want to make sure those people are able to get on with their business easily. thank you. president murphy: thank you. any further public comments? i see none. commissioner walker? commissioner walker: again, i
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think that the clarification of this process is going to make sure that something like this doesn't happen. and i think once we have established this criterion and the process, it will help everyone through this process. i think that, had we been clear about this years ago when this happened, it may not have ended up with us where we're at. i think the unfortunate part is at this juncture, at this point in time, especially because this matter has been litigated, it is out of our jurisdiction as far as i understand to do anything specific about this particular address. so, i would have hoped that this issue could have been brought up at the court proceedings because it may well have affected what
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the court has decided. but once something is in court it is taken out of the jurisdiction of our department. i believe that is the case, and maybe the city attorney can verify that so we can resolve that issue. but i think what is true is this process will make sure that this doesn't happen again. and that is really an important step forward. i think that the issue of these address changes coming forward at the same time as additions and construction permits might be something that we actually ask you to look at and see if there is further clarification need needed. in this particular case, as i understand it, there wasn't a second numbering of the second unit on file for us. so, we needed to establish a
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numb number. but it is a confusing -- it was a confusing set of situations that resulted in this. and, unfortunately, i do believe it was used to further someone's agenda and the represent you are cushions are that -- repercussions are that folks in the building were not notified. again i think that this will really help going forward. maybe the city attorney can talk about the the jurisdictional issues in the case. >> well, i had some general discussions with the director about this. i don't know the specific facts of the case, so i don't want to issue an opinion or discuss something that i'm not familiar enough with that i could actually be helpful to the commission. i could report back to you at a
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subsequent commission meeting if you would like that. >> just the particulars of the specifics of mr. morales's situation. i think the resolution of the policy issues has been addressed by what is being proposed in this process statement from the director. but just the specifics that were address addressed. i believe we were asked to weigh in on whether or not we could do anything about the address change. and i think that would be helpful. president murphy: maybe it has taken a little long to get to it point but i believe the director has done the necessary groundwork and i believe we are going to be voting on that in a minute. commissioners, any further comments? we've taken public comments on
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this? yes. do i have -- john. >> the directors also made some suggested modifications. it may be something you want to take into account as part of your consideration. >> i would move to have the commission the process and recommended changes from the director. president murphy: we have a second? >> we do. >> all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> opposed? motion carries unanimously. we can move to item number nine. update on implementation of the q-matic numbering system at d.b.i. >> as part of our business process re engineeriengineering that was made several years ago, we are finally beginning to install the q-matic numbering
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system that will expedite the routing of customers to different plan check stations based on the anticipated wait time at each station. so, if someone is waiting in line for a building plan checker and the wait at the fire department is shorter, they will actually be routed to the shorter department but will not lose their place in line for the building department. it is an automatic queueing system similar to what the treasury and tax collector has, d.m.v. it was something again suggest bid the b.p.r. committee many years ago, and it is in the process. we are installing the equipment now. the tv monitors you see on the different floors are part of that system. they were not installed just to view sports and things. they were installed to view the next coming ticket. we will have voice announcers that will also call the ticket so that if people are hard of
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hearing they can see the ticket. also it is to route people faster through the system, get them to the correct station so they don't have to wait on a long sign-up list. because the system would automatically queue them in the next shortest line. we expect for that to be fully operational by the 15th of october. we are installing the first kiosk on the first floor and will be training customers on that during the first couple of weeks of october. the second kiosk would be a sel self-service kiosk on the fifth floor so people that know the process can queue themselves without going through a recepti receptionist or counter. so it will be beneficial to the customers and staff because they will not be sitting there waiting and trying to determine who is next on the list. they won't have to get up from
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their desk and read the list or call people or try to find people. we are addressing that and i will be bringing that to the public advisory committee in october. >> you mentioned training customers. how about training staff? >> staff is going through training and has been trained last week on the process. they will be retrained on the process when if is fully implemented. president murphy: commissioner representative november. commissioner hechnova: there will be an update in the d.b.i. website as to the additional training or modifications? >> yes, as soon as we implement and test the system to make sure it is operational. president murphy: it will essentially be the same as the motor vehicle bureau? >> it will be similar but we will have people directing people to where each service is. more of a customer friendly like
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the d.m.v. does in the morning with if you need to go here or there and get them to where they need to go. we are going along that line. as i bring staff on that i can make them available to do this. the goal will be first floor and fourth floor records and fifth floor. as funds are available we will implement it on the second, third and sixth floor. president murphy: will all of these floors be linked to one another? can you go from the first floor to the fourth floor? >> yes, you can pull a ticket on the first floor and go to the fifth floor for intake and it will actually queue you in that line with the delay time for the elevator. president murphy: and there will be someone assigned to sort of lead people around the first month or so until you iron out the kinks? >> yes, for several


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